God will make your voice heard

There are prophets for church, music, business and the rest, but their message remains: "Jesus Christ". If you have a message or a song, 5-minutes or hours of recordings, GodWorx will help you release it to the world.


Free forever

  • Excludes bonuses
  • 100MB Storage (± 4h Podcast or 80Min music)
  • Podcast Feed included
  • Get notified when new blog articles are available
  • Unsubscribe anytime


 € 25,29 / Month   

€ 9,92 / Month

  • Annual Payment
  • Everything in FREE
  • 10GB Protected Storage (± 500h Podcast)
  • Embed in any of your websites
  • Search Page included
  • Attach a Youtube video to your podcast item
  • Bonus: Youtube Video Gallery

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No website needed to distribute your recordings

Automatically synchronize your latest content with your chosen networks.

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Protect your Podcast

All webservers are under attack and almost every website gets hacked at some point.

 € 4,90 / Month   Free Bonus

  • Secure Server Architecture
  • 100% EU Data Protection Compliant
  • Frequent Backups
  • Responsible Data Processing

Attach your Videos

Watch your video instead of just listening

 € 0,99   per Month

Videos aren't always the better form of content. It's all about serving your audience in a way that best meets their need.

Your music without compression

We don't process and compress your media. What you upload is what your users get!

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Cohesive Design

Your custom styles fit perfectly

Podcast plugins that don't support the existing styles of your website can make it feel less valuable.


Integrates in all types of Websites

Embed your search engine on your existing Website, and use in the same way when your website is upgraded or changed entirely.

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Personal Support

We will get you unstuck.

Behind our website you will find real people who want to help you get unstuck. Please ask if you need help.

Your Business deserves sustainable solutions


Continuous Support

We constantly improve our software and guarantee it will also function in your future projects

100x performance - 1% energy

Our optimized Data-Structures use 1% of the resources compared to most websites.
renewable energy

100% renewable energy

Our Servers are powered by 100% renewable energy
save time

Save time and sweat

While your Web-Admin takes care of your website, we maintain and guarantee that our services work

Don't join a self-seeking provider

Get flawless products and the support you need

Your job is for money, but your work is your ministry. It's the things we don't get paid for that make our services most valuable. Let's face it: there are personal, creative and emotional needs that machines will never be able to meet. That's why our customer service is our most important asset. In order to live up to this standard, we would like to offer you as many related services as possible.

Let's move your existing podcast to GodWorx - free of charge!

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Terms and Conditions

Simplified out of our respect for you.

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Restoring relationships

Every membership supports emerging christian mentors

Europe is in need of fathers and mothers in all realms of society who know God. They form an incorruptible foundation for us to grow in a safe and free environment. Mentors who restore relationships, servitude and prosperous souls in the context of the trinity, humanity, cross, person, resurrection and Lordship of Jesus Christ. A minimum of 10% of our profits goes to emerging mentors. Together we can accelerate them in their area of influence.

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Mentors we can recommend

Because we happily paid them



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