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We discourage self-focused work and sales, but encourage a work-ethic that is all about Christ and what he has done. [1.Cor.2:2, 2.Cor.5:14-15,20]

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November 10, 2021

Privacy Guarantee

It is especially important to us to honor every human being and to protect your personal information. Therefore we exclusively process your data on the legal basis of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR (EU) 2016/679). In the following paragraphs we present to you our data processing and protection strategies.


This privacy guarantee does not apply if it's being used without permission of its author and privacy specialist Henk Bosch.

Who is responsible?

  1. The owner (hereafter: controller) of this website is legally responsible for all the personal data captured, stored, processed and forwarded by its domain and any other organizational means. Please contact the controller if you have any security or privacy concerns related to him, her, or the organization.
  2. The developer of this website Henk Bosch is legally responsible for the authenticity of this website's code and its hosting, provided that the controller currently has an active privacy-subscription.

Who has access to your data?

The controller has access to all data you provide through all agreed forms of communication. Our top level of management with the help of his/her chosen data protection officers will oversee the proper management of your data. Your data is only accessed by the controller, for the agreed purposes and by authorized personnel. Past personnel do not have access to our systems. Your data is exclusively accessed using devices and networks approved by top level management. Apart from the controller no one will have access to your data.
The only exceptions to this rule are if:

  • You disclose your data yourself either: manifestly or by explicit consent.
  • We disclose your data without your consent for statistical purposes (where you are exclusively revealed as an anonymous number that relates to a collective concept) and to legitimate national authorities minimised to the proportion of their purpose (eg. law enforcement with verified warrants, tax purposes, legitimate national security)
The exploitation of a user-identity can be prosecuted if appropriate.

Your rights

As long as exceptions to the law don't prohibit it: You have all the following rights concerning your personal data stored with us: The right of access (Art.15), rectification (Art.16), erasure (Art.17), restriction of processing (Art.18), data portability (Art.20), opting-out and refusal (Art.21). If you believe that the processing of your data caused your privacy to be violated or disregarded, we politely ask that you either contact us, or your regional data protection authority.

Our rights

The controller reserves the right to refuse beneficiaries who do not agree with this privacy statement. The controller continuously reviews the stated privacy protocols and reserves the right to update this privacy statement. Whenever we change our policy and our privacy procedures it is because we want to effectively represent your best interest. If our privacy guarantee has changed, we will inform you:

  • By changing the date of this document
  • and when visiting our website again by prompting you afresh with the help of our Cookie-and-Policy-Warning

Proof of Consent (GDPR Art.7)

  • Visiting our website proves that you are expecting a satisfying answer to your request and therefore agree to the processing of technically necessary and legally required personal data.
  • If the GDPR requires your consent to use a given website-element, our website will only activate it after your consent can be explicitly read from storage.
  • In order to revoke your consent to your activated elements please click here or delete your browser cache for this website.
  • In order to revoke your future consent to services stored on our servers, you will have to terminate all existing contracts with the owner of this website.
  • In order to change the Privacy-Settings of your externally used services (eg.Google), please contact the given service provider directly.

Privacy by Design (Art.25)

  • Your connection to our website is encrypted and pseudonymised using TLS over HTTPS
  • The "sign in" process of our website is protected by diverse anti-hijacking strategies on our webserver. We may record your ip address for the duration of your session to prevent man-in-the-middle-attacks that may occur by the use of VPNs and other proxies.
  • By default we don't store passwords. If you choose to sign in with google your password remains on google and we don't have access to it. If in turn you choose to create an account does not use external verification, then we will generate a secure password for you, store it using non-decryptable-encryption algorithms and therefore prevent it from being read and used by a database-administrator.
  • Attempts to hack this website will be recorded, tested and prosecuted
  • The forms that capture information within this web-address (URL) are exclusively maintained by "Henk Bosch"
  • Frequent backups of this website and its data are made to enable the restoration of your data in the case of a technical emergency.
  • The use of external scripts are strictly limited to trusted sources.

Contacting us

If you contact us by email or by using a contact form on our website, we store your given information for the purpose of your request, your follow-up requests and in some circumstances for the purpose of fulfilling contractual and legal requirements. We will not pass on any of this information without your consent.


If you like, you are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter on this website. For this purpose we will collect your name, email and your consent to receive our newsletter. If our newsletter is connected to a service we provide, we might ask for additional information necessary in order to provide the service to you. If you want letters related to your fields of interest, you can provide us with additional interest-based information. When you register for a newsletter, we will send you an opt-in confirmation email before activating your subscription. To cancel your subscription click on the unsubscribe link provided in a newsletter you received. If for some reason the unsubscribe link does not work, please ask for a cancellation using the following email address: Upon request we will promptly delete the data associated with your newsletter subscription. Your revocation will go into effect from the moment you receive a confirmation email from us. Please be considerate of any emails shortly after your cancellation, that might have been waiting in our submission queue.


Our website uses what is known as cookies. Cookies are tiny text files that by the help of your browser are stored on your device. We use cookies to improve your experience on our website. Some cookies remain on your device until you delete them. They allow our website to recognize you when you return, store your language preferences, the contents of your shopping cart, and improve the security and the functionality of this website. We do not need your consent when using technically necessary cookies that do not limit your rights. Our cookie notice exhaustively lists our recommended third-party elements. These third-parties provide substantial software services that we want you to benefit from. They will set tracking-cookies and use them for their own purposes, but their benefits outweigh the cost. We will not allow third-party cookies we believe to be harmful, yet we do not require you to give up the freedom to establish your own opinion. Therefore your explicit consent will be processed before enabling any of these third-party elements.

Sign in with Google or Facebook

When you sign in with Google or Facebook on our Website, we save your email, firstname and lastname. We need this basic information in order to recogize you when you return and contact you when neccessary. In our case this form of triangular-authentication increases the security of your data. We don't store any of your passwords and don't send any of your data back to the provider. If you place an order on our website, this data may exclusively be shared with one of our trusted payment providers in order to distiguish your transaction. All other third parties and purposes are excluded.

Web Analysis

Our website uses functions of the web analytics service: "GOOGLE ANALYTICS - Google, LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California, U.S.". The generated usage information is sent to the provider and there it is pseudonymized and then stored. "Henk Bosch" signed the appropriate data-processing contract with the service provider. This contract is based on "EU–US Privacy Shield - 16 Jul.2020". The legal basis for this data-processing method is based on Article 6.1f "legitimate interests" of the GDPR by default. Our purpose for the collected data related to GDPR (legitimate interests) are exclusively for improving our website. Based on the "legitimate interests" and your ability to opt-out, your explicit consent is not required. The exception to this rule happens if you agree to our cookie notice, then the legal basis for using extended analytics including tracking-cookies is your "explicit consent" (GDPR Art.6.1.a)

Legitimate Interests by default

  • Your IP-Address is collected, but pseudonymized before it is stored. Your data is explicitly pseudonymized and only provides a rough localization.
  • Your usage data is stored for the duration of 26 Months.
  • Your usage data is not connected to any other type of Profile.
  • Your usage information is not used for marketing purposes and therefore not for the purposes of the service provider.
  • Your usage data is only processed for statistical analysis. (Improving our Website)
  • You can opt-out of this service by completely disabling cookies for our website. (Not recommended)

Privacy for Shopping

Payment providers (eg.,,, store personal information as your Name, Address, Payment Details and other required data needed to fulfill orders and contracts. Your payment details are pseudonymized and we can not read them. They also store cookies and ip-data for security purposes. We only use payment providers we trust and we trust that you will do the same. If you're feeling unsure, please read the privacy policies and verify the history of your chosen payment providers before using them.

For the purpose of fulfilling contracts the following data will be stored with us: Name, email, geographical address, telephone number, postal address, further information directly related to your order if needed. The content of your shopping cart is either stored as cookies or browser data. You can deny the processing of optional data. Please contact us if you're feeling unsure..
The data we require from you for orders is needed to fulfill contracts and pre-contractual agreements. Without this data we will not be able to enter into a contract. We will not give your data to a third party except your payment processing data to your chosen payment provider, delivery information to the transport/postal service provider, tax/transaction information may be shared with an accountant.

If you cancel your order before processing it your data will be removed from our storage. If we enter into a mutual contract all contractual information will be stored for the duration required by tax law. (Austria: 7 years). Your Name, Address and purchased product/service history will be stored for the duration of 10 years based on Article 13 of the Austrian Product Warranty law. This data processing method is based on the GDPR legal requirements of "consent" (Art.6.1a) and "necessary for a contract" (Art.6.1.b).



Please replace Internet Explorer with another browser and avoid:

  1. Serious security and privacy vulnerabilities
  2. Missing modern web-content